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Strategia.Design – Petri Hakanen Oy (Ltd.), Helsinki, Finland

Business ID / Y-tunnus: 2450682-3 (FI24506823). The Finnish Business Information System BIS (fin. YTJ): 2450682-3

Data.Strategia.Design – Operational Intelligence meets strategic change.
Business.Requirements.Design – Requirements planning and process building.

I serve my clients in demanding and in advanced changes of business and information management as in-house manager and leader, senior consultant, project lead and coach.

Development areas – A clear link between operational leadership, development and strategic change. A clear link between the performance of the process and its efficiency, and experience and productivity of people acting with the process.

I have worked in information management areas as a consultant, designer, architect and project leader, requirements designer, in business development and business units management, customer relationship and sales director. My competencies are in information management areas, knowledge management, requirement definitions, development activities, and linking actions to organization’s strategy and goals.

I am also chairman, TDWI Finland – the leading community of data, analytics and business intelligence professionals in Finland.

Some cases from last few years

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenSupporting the design and development of security arrangements range from physical and technical to operational security arrangements, management models, operational models and capability structures in this field; for a large energy sector company, in a major construction program.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenExploration, descriptions and analysis of the internal processes for the Finnish company providing information management training programs and consultancy. Process: planning–publish–registrations–facilitation–material deliveries–invoicing–payments. A suitable process / task description for the purpose with touchpoints to detect process integrity, progression, possible risk factors and discontinuities of the process. In terms of development, the focus is on the ability to automate some parts of the process, the process traceability, predictability and the integrity and accuracy of the process and business information generated in the process.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenTraining programs design for the Finnish company providing information management training programs and consultancy.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenConcepts and analysis to a large financial services group: banking and insurance. Conceptualization of group-level business data model for terms customer and customer relationships; role business and information management consultant.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenConsulting a company in pharmaceutical industry. Developing information management methods and concepts, management models, information architecture and management reporting concepts; role consultant; related mainly to Supply Chain metrics but also group level.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenPlanning solution to a large media company. Operational Orders and Sales Planning solution, forecasting and budgeting; role project manager.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenAnalysis to a a large forest industry group. Analysis phase related to renewal of a group-wide strategic and operational reporting; role business consultant; analyzing business reporting requirements and information.

Data Strategia Design - Petri HakanenAnalysis to a Nordic digital payments company. A preparatory analysis of reporting and data warehousing PCI compliance related to the safety of card payment and certification requirements.

Petri Hakanen
Data.Strategia.Design’er – Business.Requirements.Design’er – Leader and Business Manager – owner
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Interested in to hire, in-house interim manager by contract, or consulting basis, or to businesspartner with? – I’m open to interesting cooperation plans.

Contact: petri@hakanen.eu
LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/petrihakanen


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