Strategia.Design – Petri Hakanen Oy (Ltd.), Helsinki, Finland

Business ID / Y-tunnus: 2450682-3 (FI24506823). 2450682-3

I am an entrepreneur and consultant in my company Petri Hakanen Oy.

I am also chairman, TDWI Finland – the leading community of data, analytics and business intelligence professionals in Finland.

I am an experienced consultant in development models & methods, and in leading the work from start to finish, from specifications to implementation, and embedding the results in the organization’s operations and management models.

I can help you e.g. combining operational business with the information architecture, governance & solution areas, with leadership and management models, as well as connecting operations to organization’s strategy, performance objectives and capability structures.

Sector Experience

Finance. Banking. Insurance. Construction. Logistics and Manufacturing. Public sector. Real estate. Forest industry. Telecom. Software production, ICT solutions and consulting.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Tradenomi (AMK), HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Hämeenlinna, Finland (-2019)

The thesis is based on the theme: Managing Objectives at a Real Estate Management Software Service provider. Assessment of the thesis 5/5 excellent. Degree Programme in Business Administration: 210 credits with an average grade 4,30 (/5).

Data Strategies

Definition & goals. Policies & strategies. Priorities. Programs and outlines for development, deployment, training, on-boarding & support. In recent years, assignments in the banking and real estate industries, among others.

Information Management [Enterprise] Architectures

From business goals & requirements to information management and data related capabilities. Development plans. In recent years, assignments in the pharmaceutical logistics, banking and real estate industries, among others. Previously, numerous implementations related to data warehousing, reporting and analytics. Also, case management.

Data Governance Models & Roadmaps

Outlining and structuring the development of information management, Data Governance & Data Quality approaches, road maps. Recently, deepening expertise in these areas to support development of the data strategies and architectures mentioned above.

Business[-data] Process Development

Strategy maps; tasks and people skills & competencies in relation to processes. Development and measurement of strategic themes. In the past, several IT related projects both as a developer and in charge. In recent years, also with my business studies and experience, combining project expertise and business expertise.

Requirement Management

Development of requirement management processes and practices. Recently, also the production of requirements management and its practices in the design and development of nuclear security arrangements, range from physical and technical to operational and information security arrangements.

From business goals and operating models to development activities

The way the organization operates, its operating idea and strategic business areas. Setting the direction of change. Previously, the responsibilities of business units, the responsibilities of the sales units, leadership roles related to, among other things, the development of project activities, product development activities, project deliveries.

Interested in to hire, in-house interim manager by contract, or consulting basis, or to businesspartner with? – I’m open to interesting cooperation plans. —