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Petri Hakanen Oy (Ltd.), Helsinki, Finland

Business ID / Y-tunnus: 2450682-3 (FI24506823)

The Finnish Business Information System BIS (fin. YTJ): 2450682-3

I serve my clients in demanding and in advanced changes of business and information management as in-house manager and leader, senior consultant, project lead and coach.

My special expertise is in information management application areas and diverse leadeship and management skills, as well as in connecting measures the customer organization’s strategy and key performance objectives.

I am networking with the best and most experienced professionals and we offer our networked expertise for our customers and partners. We have the ability and power to orchestrate and lead to make the best result in the manner required.

Petri Hakanen
Leading Advisor. Senior Consultant. Leader and Business Manager – owner
Consultant at Your Service

Interested in to hire, in-house interim manager by contract, or consulting basis, or to businesspartner with? – I’m open to interesting cooperation plans.

Contact: petri@hakanen.eu
LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/petrihakanen