The top management viewpoints – Summary

The top management viewpoints are based on two surveys carried out by Petri Hakanen in 2014. The surveys have been sent to the top senior management of public and private organizations in Finland.

The reference framework, in which these two surveys are related, is mainly knowledge management and business intelligence with a strong connection to leadership and decision-making. Business Intelligence is about producing information that is used for benchmarks and reports, and it includes various governance models to manage information, and development, and architectures. – Leadership and decision-making are positioned separately. – Decision-making can be divided into the actual leadership (by human) and an automated decision-making.

These two surveys open the senior management perspectives on knowledge management, the vision of future development, and how they experience certain matters mentioned in the surveys. The surveys also studied how KPIs, changes in operations, and actions followed from decisions, are linked to the reference framework from perspective of the leadership.

The first study shows that, at the moment, especially the trendy Big Data is still not very clear to senior management. Likely to be particularly poor communicative matters are trendy in-memory-based analytical solutions, data science, gamification and Internet of Things or Industrial internet.

The second survey shows that there is a need to obtain development closer to daily decision-making situations to get better qualified answers and data from decision-makers for development work. There is also need to re-think the whole communication model from periodically to continuous where getting answers is not based on the questions but information flows from a source to the model whenever information arises.

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Published on: Nov 7, 2014 / Petri Hakanen